Club Welfare Officer News

This page is dedicated to providing news, information and support to club welfare officers working with clubs in the Avon Youth League.

Youth League and Club Welfare Officers - FA Ruling:

  • The position of Club Welfare Officer is mandatory for all clubs with youth teams.
  • The position of Youth League Welfare Officer is mandatory for all leagues with youth teams.
  • Welfare Officers to have an ‘accepted’ or as a minimum an ‘in progress’ enhanced CRC check. (formerly known as CRB check)
  • Welfare Officers to have completed The FA Safeguarding Children workshop.
  • Welfare Officers to have completed The FA's Welfare Officer Workshop.

Useful contacts:

GFA County Child Protection Officer - e-mail:

SFA County Welfare Officer - e-mail:

Useful Links:

Safeguarding and Equalities pages within the FA web site - LINK

BullyingUK - Information to help a reduction in bullying - LINK

THINKUKNOW - A web site that canm inform young people, parents and others about how to avoid all forms of abuse that are linked to use of the internet, chat rooms etc. - LINK


Following advice and guidance from the Football Association there have been changes made to the appeals process for disciplinary cases involving young people.

The reasons for this are simply that it is not considered appropriate for young people to attend appeal hearings as the experience may be distressing for them.

The following changes apply with immediate affect for cases reported to the Gloucestershire Football association:


Players aged under 14 years - A young person reported / sent from field of play wishing to appeal may not attend a formal disciplinary hearing. If the option requesting attendance at a hearing is selected on the relevant forms the matter will be referred to the Gloucestershire County Football Association Limited appointed County Welfare Officer. As a result the County Welfare Officer may elect to arrange to meet with the child and a  parent / carer to hear the child's account of events. That account would then be submitted to the appeal hearing convened to consider the appeal.

Players aged between 14 years and 16 years - A young person can attend a disciplinary hearing provided that:

  • He / She understands that it is his / her duty to speak the truth
  • His / her evidence is sufficiently important to justify it being heard
  • The appropriate procedures within the FA guidelines are adopted

There are also changes for players aged 17 years and 18 years that are not relevant within the Avon Youth League. Further information can be obtained by contacting the GFA County Welfare Officer by email on