Where are we?

Our name causes some potential confusion. Named the Avon Youth League as the geographical area was, prior to a local government reorganisation, known as the County of Avon. With the changes four unitary authorities were created, Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bath & North East Somerset. I guess the most positive thing is the confusion with the lady who knocked the door selling cosmetics on behalf of 'Avon' was condemned to the 'old joke book'.

Some people in local government still call the four unitary authorities 'the former Avon area', our thought pattern was much simpler. We could not think of anything better and the river Avon crosses through much of the area we cover. Mind you so does the river Severn .....

Anyway if you are still confused, we are in the South West of England to the south of the Bristol Channel. Many of our teams are based in the old trading port city of Bristol, both north and south of the river. Others come from the wider area and we are affiliated to both the Gloucestershire and Somerset Football Associations.

Still confused, Google or other search engines will solve the mystery.

Curious, well come and join us to talk sport, especially football (soccer if you are viewing from other areas of the world), especially youth football. That is something that we care passionately about.